Double your employability potential

Shao Yakun is one of those who believe two is better than one.

Pursuing a Double Degree in Computer Science and Business (specialisation in Business Analytics) with a minor in Mathematical Sciences, she wanted something that provides the best of many worlds.

“I like the logical aspect of computer science, but I also wanted to hone my collaborative skills and be able to interact with as many people as possible. As both a business and computer science student, I have many opportunities to apply computer science knowledge to projects in the field of finance and vice versa. That gives me an edge as many jobs now require such versatility,” she says.

The third-year student admits she was sold on this course combination when she saw in the annual graduate employment survey findings that fresh graduates from this double degree programme topped the charts for their starting salaries.

But earning potential aside, she’s clearly already becoming the best version of herself.

Yakun and her course mates have aced numerous case competitions, notably emerging champs in the Singapore leg of last year’s CFA Institute Research Challenge that requires teams to research and report on a designated publicly traded company.

She also makes the best of every opportunity to test her cross-disciplinary skills in the classroom. 

“In one class, I was able to apply machine learning techniques to analyse the stock market index, the S&P 500, which helped me make a smart recommendation on why certain stocks will do well,” she adds.

She believes that with her ability to synthesise expertise from computer science, business analytics and mathematical sciences – the backbone of many industries of the future – as well as the breadth of knowledge she receives as part a well-rounded education, many options will be open to her.

“I can go into any field in the future. I can choose to have a career in investment banking, be a software engineer or go into data science. With the minor in mathematical sciences, I can also do quantitative finance if I wish to. I won’t have so many options if I didn’t take an interdisciplinary degree at NTU.”