Covid 19 Restrictions
Patients, accompanying members and visitors, who within the last 14 days, have been:

  1. notified by MOH that you have been deemed a close contact of a COVID 19 case and asked to go for a COVID-19 swab test;
    AND OR
  2. placed on Stay-Home-Notice (SHN), Quarantine Order (QO), phone surveillance (PUPS) or on medical leave (MC) for acute respiratory infection,
are not allowed to enter the clinic.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


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NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic was established in 2009 as a TCM Board approved teaching clinic for the Double-degree program in Biomedical Sciences and Chinese Medicine at the NTU School of Biological Sciences.

We offer services such as acupuncture, cupping, tuina treatment massage for adults, paediatric tuina and herbal medication.

We are open to public!

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6592 1733 / 1732


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Nanyang Technological University,
School of Biological Sciences,
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