​As part of the Smart Nation programme, the SPIRIT Centre, funded by an $11 million National Research Foundation (NRF) grant has been established in the College of Engineering, NTU Singapore to pursue translational research including fast solutioning and prototyping of applications for the national vision.

Led by Prof. Kwok-Yan Lam from the School of Computer Science and Engineering and in collaboration with the NTU Rapid-Rich Object Search (ROSE) Lab as well as the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, the SPIRIT Centre serves as a one-stop-shop with range of engineering competencies including in systems research and artificial intelligence to develop a resilient and scalable smart platform infrastructure with video analytic capabilities and wireless sensor networks. 

The SPIRIT infrastructure focuses on Improved Government Operations & Service Delivery; and Enhanced Mobility. Progressively, the Centre is bui​lding up a partner eco-system to support its rapid prototyping efforts, by collaborating with other research labs, public sector agencies and industry partners to translate those prototypes into full-scale Smart Nation solutions.​