Research Areas

Our Use Cases Overview

Field Deployment

SNTL IoT projects are currently being deployed indoor and outdoor, in different residential and business areas to try out different edge analytic devices. These devices are solely built and programmed by our IoT core team in SNTL.



Distributed Sensing (Edge Analytic) Deployed

Distributed Sensing Deployed

Distributed Sensor Network with meta sound data inference in different residential estates in Singapore



Setup on Use of Sensor Analytics to develop and improve Home Fire Alarm Devices (HFAD)

Sensor analytics for HFAD



System Setup for Kerbside Parking POC

System Setup for Kerbside parking POC

Our Technologies Involved

Active Noise Shield​Sound Classification For Robot

Sound Classification for Robot
Vehicle Noise SensingSoundscaping




Vehicle Tracking In Camera Network​​Channel Assignment / Broadcast Scheduling
Ultra Low Power Indoor LocalizationSecure Communication


A large number of camera are installed in the campus. Vehicle tracking can be done in campus camera network. Reliable vehicle recognition from videos can provide statistical information for traffic monitoring and predictions. For such information to be useful, recognition should be done in real-time at an acceptable accuracy. Inspired by recent developments on deep-learning based object detection methods, this research attempts to apply convolutional neural networks to vehicle recognition from videos.

Embedded Video Analysis​Super-Resolution
Action RecongnitionAbnormal Behavior Detection