Workshop on Intelligent Building Imaging

31 Jan 2019 09.00 AM - 01.30 PM Industry/Academic Partners, Public

The main objective of this workshop is to promote the applications of up-to-date technology in terms of artificial intelligence, advanced imaging and building information modelling for construction, building and its maintenance. The workshop also aims to develop strategic collaboration between academia and industries. It has provided a great opportunity and platform to communicate the latest research and development of Intelligent Building Imaging between industrial and academic perspectives in Singapore. More than 70 participants, including relevant industrial stakeholders, professors, researchers, PhD students and scholars attended the workshop. 

​​​ParticipantPresentation Topic
​HexagonNext generation solution to address industrial and urban challenges
AutoCAD RECAPLatest development in AutoCAD RECAP
FAROFARO 3D Technology and BIM
Digital Underground, ETHReliable mapping of underground utilities
​DecodUWB penetration Scanning
​S&I system Pte. Ltd.AR tools to asset defect for facility management
​TridifyBridging the gap between BIM and game engine​