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Surbana Jurong-NTU Corporate Lab (SJ-NTU) is a five-year research collaboration between Surbana Jurong and NTU Singapore, supported by the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF). The $61-million corporate lab was set up to develop next-generation sustainable solutions to tackle industrial and complex urban challenges, leveraging NTU’s strengths in engineering and sustainability research and Surbana Jurong’s track record in providing urban, infrastructure and industrial solutions to its global customers.

Research Focus

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The key objectives of the Surbana Jurong-NTU Corporate Lab are to translate research outcomes into practical and viable solutions that are focused around three core themes: Intelligent Urban Solutions, Active Solutions for Sustainability, and Future of Construction and Underground.

Intelligent Urban Solutions

Urban digitisation is key in planning cities and building management and this is increasingly achieved firstly through digitisation and integration of the design services value chain and secondly through effective use of IOT technology, mobile and wearable devices. The Corporate Lab focuses on indoor and outdoor systems, and covers various topics such as cost effectiveness, maintenance, design and comfort.

Active Solutions for Sustainability

The objective is to achieve energy savings from the Code-established baseline for urban area and buildings, and look at various parameters and metrics on how sustainability impacts liveability.

Future of Construction and Underground

Our research will explore new capabilities to optimise LNG storage below ground (i.e. basement or caverns), including containment membrane materials and harnessing the cold energy generated.

Research Projects

Building Imaging

Multimodal Imaging Oriented Geometry Processing for Building Information Modelling

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Li-Fi Tech

Data Communication Using Regular LED Light Source (Li-Fi) As Visible Communication Light (VLC)

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Chilled Ceiling

Nano-composite Material Based Chilled Ceiling Panel System for Healthier Indoor Air, Improved Energy Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

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LNG Storage and Cryo-Polygeneration: A Complete System Solution for Urban Micro-Grids

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Development of 3D Visualisation Platform for Flood and Transport Resiliency

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Thermal & IAQ

Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Improvement

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LNG Underground

Underground Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage

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