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Step into the fast-paced world of AI at NTU, where innovation is rewriting the future. Ranked among the best universities globally for AI, NTU is placed 2nd for AI in the US News and World Report and is also named among the world’s top 10 for its AI and Data Science undergraduate course.

AI has captured our collective imagination, generating diverse perspectives on its potential impact. Some see it as a catalyst for unprecedented change, while others express reservations about its impact on humanity.

At NTU, we're deeply immersed in the world of AI, exploring its complexities and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Discover our suite of new programmes that prepare you to critically assess both the promise and challenges of the AI revolution.

See how advanced technologies meet real-world applications at NTU and join us in developing innovations and shaping the ongoing convergence of AI and society.

What is AI?

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We have all likely heard of 'artificial intelligence' or 'AI'. But what does it actually mean?

AI is everywhere

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) exploded across the world’s news feeds in 2023 and these technologies have since been integrated into virtually every part of our lives.

What are the types of AI?

There are two types of AI:
• Predictive AI – which analyses historical data to enable accurate future prediction
• Generative AI - which creates new content based on models and prompts

Can AI develop a mind of its own?

The debate has raged as to whether AI can think like a human today or whether it will become a possibility in the future. The Turing test, pioneered by computer scientist Alan Turing, was designed to put this to the test.

Will AI one day take over the world?

The fear of AI taking over our jobs and even our humanity is an understandable one. However, the same fear gripped us at the advent of the personal computer, but computers ended up creating more jobs than they took.

Can we trust AI?

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Learn about the impact of AI and play your part at NTU to make it so.


AI’s impact on the environment

Investigate the world around us using AI and explore how we can lower our carbon footprint.


AI’s impact on health

Seek to transform global health and medicine through AI-assisted technologies.


AI’s impact on society

Explore the use of automation, algorithms and computational propaganda in public life and understand AI’s impact on society and politics.


AI’s impact on governance

Understand AI’s impact on government and policy and play a role in developing policies that protect technology users without restricting good use of AI technologies.

The buzz around AI at NTU

Our AI work and research: What’s making the news.

Are you ready for the AI Revolution?

A collection of stories that shine a spotlight on how AI is being developed, taught and applied across disciplines at NTU.
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