Undergraduate Programmes

Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Engineering(SCSE)!
Established in 1988, SCSE provides its students top-notch undergraduate programmes in both Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Renowned for producing elite graduates, the School offers a rigorous balance of theory and practice, encompassing a solid broad-based foundation and an in-depth understanding of selected specialisations, enabling graduates to excel in the global workforce.

With world-class facilities and state-of-the-art equipment that support teaching and cutting-edge research, SCSE ensures that its students undergo professional training and acquire practical skills that are valued by the employers. 

What does it mean to be a SCSE Student? 

A Spin on Possibilities
Whether you wish to test your creative mettle in the gaming industry, or amplify your acumen in the business arena, SCSE education is one that elevates you to greater opportunities in a myriad number of industries. 

Academic Accreditation
The Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) Evaluation Panel has re-accredited and accredited the B.Eng (Computer Engineering) programme and the BEng (Computer Science) programme respectively, for the full 5 years from 2009. 

Booming Infocomm Industry
With Singapore’s Intelligent Nation Masterplan (iN2015) vision to build an intelligent nation and global city, the need for talented IT professionals is rising substantially as the Singapore Government looks to realise a two-fold increase of the infocomm industry to $26 billion and a three-fold increase in infocomm export revenue to $60 billion! 

Enjoy Global Opportunities at SCSE
Overseas exchanges under our Global Immersion Programme with international prestigious universities are encouraged at SCSE. In addition, you can tap on the expertise of experienced and helpful faculty members hailing from more than 17 countries. This gives you the constant exposure to cross-cultural and global perspectives that are critical in today’s globalised economy. 

Higher Salary upon Graduation
You can expect a competitive salary upon graduation, higher than the average starting salary among NTU graduates. SCSE's graduates have been ranked as NTU's top earners since 2010*. 
*MOE Graduate Employment Survey

Internship Attachment
For Professional Internship (PI), the Career & Attachment Office (CAO) will source for the placements for you. The chance to broaden your horizons is yours to secure, with the many internship and special programmes like Industry Preparation for Pre-Graduate Programme (iPrep) available through NTU. 

Increasing Importance of IT
Through the SCSE education, you can make a difference and play a part to revolutionise our life in many ways. This is the place where possibilities become reality.​

Programmes Offered