Published on 25 Oct 2019

MPC Engines and their Applications in Secure & Private Business Transactions

Prof. Ronald Cramer

In this talk, Professor Cramer will present an introduction to the vibrant area of Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC). This area deals with multiparty processing on mutually private data with the purpose of enabling controlled release of information, in the face of mutual mistrust or conflicting interests and in the absence of a “trusted incorruptible party”. In fact, MPC asks for a network of servers to *emulate* such a trusted party even when such a party is not available and even in the face of a malicious adversary. Its invention and subsequent further development is one of the crowning achievements in modern cryptography. After several decades of research, its theory encompasses a wide range of dedicated cryptographic techniques and results now ready for tackling a host of pressing practical problems of real-life size. Application domains are myriad and include for instance, auctions, voting, machine learning, and benchmarking, all with guaranteed correctness and with maximal protection of private data.