What We Do

SCRiPTS specialises in privacy-preserving technologies (PP-Tech) that are computing techniques used to preserve individual’s privacy while allowing maximum value and insight to be extracted from available data. These technologies enable organisations to carry out data mining, analysis and sharing in compliance with data protection regulation enacted in various jurisdictions. PP-Tech will provide solutions and knowledge on how to best utilise data collected to benefit Singapore’s advancement towards a Smart Nation without compromising privacy.

The Centre focuses on the research, development and application of customised privacy-preserving technologies aligned with the national priorities of Singapore in the Services and Digital Economy of RIE2020. Our work is funded by a $15.3 million grant from IMDA and NRF.logos

Research Focus

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We explore the following PP-Tech with the aim of providing solutions to government and industry, adding value to the digital economy, and promoting social adoption.


Technology Disclosures

1. K.Y. Lam, HX. Wang, XH. Lu, "Privacy-Preserving Neural Network Based On FHE Scheme" Technology Disclosure for Nanyang Technological University (TD-2022-030), 30/01/2022

2. K.Y. Lam, HX. Wang, "Efficient And Verifiable MPC For Privacy Preserving Data Analytics" Technology Disclosure for Nanyang Technological University (TD-2021-090), 17/03/2021