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Benefits of being a pcRn member
Membership is free and open to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals and medical students.
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Membership Benefits

pcRn members can benefit from many activates and facilities including:

Research training
Free workshops and short courses. Topics include:
  • How to evaluate a new service
  • Identifying a good research question
  • Questionnaire design
  • Beginner’s guide to coding qualitative data
We also offer peer support groups, such as the Academic Writing Group.

Help with research design
pcRn has a team of experts available to provide free advice, guidance, and practical support with your research. This can be at any stage in the research life cycle, ​from refining the research question through to dissemination. One-to-one consultations with a researcher or presentation to a panel with expertise in methodology, evidence synthesis, statistics and health economics are also available.

For further information, please email Darren Yeong at [email protected]

Assisting with recruitment
Some research projects require multiple practices to collect data to ensure sufficient power and to enhance the generalisability of findings. pcRn can help you find collaborators for your study.

Participation in network projects
pcRn coordinates network projects, with members contributing data to nation-wide studies. Participating in these is a good way to get involved in research. You can also choose to be apprenticed to larger projects to learn skills from a multi-disciplinary team of researchers.

pcRn bursaries
Research protocols need ‘protected’ time to be developed and refined to attract competitive funding. Bursaries will help you to take ‘time out’ from your clinical work to seek expert advice and prepare their grant application.

pcRn conference
This event provides an opportunity to present your research in poster and talk sessions, discuss your ideas and develop research collaborations.

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