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Please direct your enquiries about the course to Ms Marilyn Tan, +65 6513 8117

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Registration for 23 Aug 2023 Intake is open.

*Deadline for application is 16 July 2023.

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It is said that an investment in knowledge pays dividends. Stay relevant with one year of tailor-made acceleration programmes that are designed to upgrade and transform your business in an increasingly competitive market. 

Participants gain exclusive access to 4 fireside chat sessions with some of the most exciting and prominent entrepreneurs around. They will be imparting valuable knowledge and experiences that were crucial in their success. ELT Programme by NTU provides a strong network of like-minded business owners, mentors and industry experts to facilitate your journey to success.

Our 10 multi-faceted and comprehensive workshops:

1. Rethinking Your Business for the Digital Age

2. Identifying Your Growth Opportunities

3. Rethinking Your Market and your product

4. Growth Strategies for Your Business

5. Money and Financial Metrics

6. How to get your financial resources

7. Strategic Growth through Leadership and Operations

8. The Innovators’ DNA

9. How to lead in the Digital Transformation?

10. International Business in the Post-COVID-19 Era

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Who better to learn from than the very best? An excellent platform to kickstart your business expansion globally, the Overseas Immersion Trip presents participants with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with a wide range of industry thought leaders. Take your businesses to the next level, by leveraging NTU’s extensive network of global partners. We’ll connect you with the right people, establishing lasting connections that will be vital for your business’ growth.

Learn valuable first-hand insights and perspectives from various industry leaders that have led to their respective successes. 

We have plans for exciting visits to companies in the United States and China, such as: 

United States - Google, Airbnb, Intel, Facebook, Weebly;

China - Huawei, Alibaba, CIIE (中国国际进口博览会)

…and more 

(In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the plan for the overseas immersion component will be communicated at a later stage.)  


Students visiting Google headquarter overseas smiling group learning immersion

No two business challenges are alike. That is why effective real-world solutions are not found in theory or books. Receive personalised, 1-to-1 coaching from some of the most seasoned and successful mentors around. Mentors are specifically curated for their aptitude and relevant experiences that are sure to add substantial value to your learning experience. 

What to expect in the 40-hour coaching sessions:

  • Review and consultation of challenges, ideas and business growth plans

  • Fruitful group discussions and activities that are facilitated by mentors

  • Guided business plan development and implementation for an identified lever of growth

Staff receiving advice with notes from ipad by his mentor to facilitate growth

The growth journey can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. ELT programme by NTU provides post programme support by extending assistance and tools for the successful implementation of your business plans. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Mentors and industry experts at NTU and EnterpriseSG will be alongside you to track your progress in implementing the business growth plan. We will also keep you up-to-date on any developments on the technological, political or business front.

  • Gain access to NTU’s state of the art resources to assist in your exploration of uncharted waters as part of your growth plan.

Staff receiving guidance to streamline operation with discussion on laptop
Enterprise Leadership For Transformation 2021 programme key benefits entrepreneurial mindset goal engagement networking sharing mentoring coaching development skills business
Enterprise Leadership For Transformation 2021 programme selected instructors prof lam kwok yan, inderjit singh, Eric Mun, Mark Greeven, Chin Tahn Joo, Didyut Dumra, Koh Kar Siong koh chaik ming, dr jin song, ms rachel chen, mr tang shiuh huei, mr lee kam choon, mr roderick chia mentors teaching assisting Enterprise Leadership For Transformation 2021 programme why ntu elt benefits

Programme Fees

Funding Singaporeans/PR Non-Singaporean
Full Course fees $32,184 ($29,800 + $2,384) $32,184 ($29,800 + $2,384)
Module 1 to 10 and Module 12 and 13 Before subsidy: $12,800 (w/o GST)
After subsidy:
$1,280 (w/o GST)
$12,800 (w/o GST)
Modules 11 and 14 Before subsidy: $17,000 (w/o GST)
After subsidy:
$1,700 (w/o GST)
$17,000 (w/o GST)
Final fees to pay (with 8% GST)  
$1,280 + $1,700 = $2,980 (w/o GST)
$3,695.20 (with 8% GST)
$32,184 ($29,800 + $2,384)
  • Programme fee is per person
  • Subsidy is for eligible participants only, eg. Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) grant 
Enterprise Leadership For Transformation 2021 programme partner DBS, leading financial services group in asia

Contact Us

Please direct your enquiries about the course to Ms Marilyn Tan, +65 6513 8117

[email protected]

Registration for 23 Aug 2023 Intake is open.

*Deadline for application is 16 July 2023.

Apply now