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Nanyang Quantum Hub (NQH) is a world-class collaborative research platform focusing on quantum technologies-related topics. Our hub provides an exceptional opportunity for researchers in the field of quantum to collaborate and innovate.

The Nanyang Quantum Hub serves as a central meeting point for students and researchers from different domains intersecting quantum research, such as physics, computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Our primary goal is to facilitate the seamless exchange of cross-disciplinary ideas, fostering innovation. By providing NTU with a unified and tangible presence in quantum research, we empower the university to better capitalise on the increasing opportunities presented by the ongoing second quantum revolution, both in the government and private sectors.

As a cutting-edge facility, NQH provides researchers with an extensive and well-equipped lab space spanning 1100 sqm which is organized at level one and level two to facilitate various experiments and projects. Additionally, we also offer an office space of 504 sqm on level 3, enabling efficient management and coordination of research efforts.

Research Focus

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Applied Quantum Technologies

The Nanyang Quantum Hub is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research on quantum technologies that leverage quantum principles to develop practical solutions across various fields, including Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensors, Quantum Communication and Quantum Algorithms.

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Engineered Quantum Systems

A variety of physical systems can be engineered to show useful properties for quantum operations. These include Quantum Photonic Systems, Quantum Many Body Systems, Solid-state Material, Cold Atoms, and Superconducting Resonators.