8th Stratagem-NTU Sino-Singapore Dialogue: How has COVID-19 shaped economic and trade policies in Asia

25 Sep 2020 02.30 PM - 04.00 PM Public
Organised by:
Dr Celia Lee

The disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced countries and businesses alike to re-think their economic strategy in order to carve out a more resilient future. This online dialogue will be an interactive and productive space for government officials, international affairs practitioners, academics and businessmen to share their thoughts on uncovering new opportunities and mitigating upcoming challenges in Asia as the region navigates towards a recovery.

We aspire for this forum to be a conducive platform for multiple stakeholders to exchange views on advancing connectivity, strengthening policy synergy and promoting economic cooperation within the region.

About the Sino-Singapore Dialogue
The Sino-Singapore Dialogue is co-organised by the Stratagem Group and NTU NCPA. Now in its 8th iteration, this series of dialogues was organised to promote greater awareness and understanding of Sino-Singapore and Sino-ASEAN developments, and how these can influence and be impacted by regional and international affairs.