Published on 23 Aug 2021

New foundation of artificial intelligence

In Chapter 1 of this book, the authors begin by questioning its readers:

"We are living inside the ocean of signals on earth. We are part of the universe. We act and interact with other entities through the use of signals on earth and in the universe. What are the inner abilities for us to act? What are the common enabling factors which enable entities to interact? " (Xie, Chen and Hu, 2021)

Among these authors probing us to think deeper, we have our NTU MAE Assoc Prof Xie Ming as one of them.

Alongside Professor Chen Hu and Dr Hu Zhen Cheng from other global universities, the trio lay a new foundation for future machines to achieve artificial self-intelligence. From design & development to decision making of autonomous vehicles, the book covers in detail many other interesting topics on intelligent vehicles.

A sample of this book can be found in the link below. Check it out!