Published on 13 Aug 2021

MAE team wins at Google’s Waymo autonomous driving competition

In Google’s 2021 Waymo Open Dataset Challenges, which saw more than 70 international teams take part virtually. It included participation from top teams from industry and academia, such as automotive AI firm Horizon Robotics, US tech company and universities including University of California, Berkeley, etc.

Despite so, our NTU Team led by MAE Asst Prof Chen managed to emerge ahead of these teams, winning 1st place under the Interaction Prediction category and 2nd place under the Motion Prediction category.

In response to his team's achievement, Asst Prof Chen commented
“Our team has deep expertise working on autonomous vehicles and machine learning algorithms, which has allowed us to successfully build software solutions that are able to accurately predict the motion of traffic and how each vehicle is interacting with other road users,”

Congratulations to Prof Chen and his PhD students Mr Mo Xiaoyu and Mr Huang Zhiyu on the impressive competition results!

*Asst Prof Chen is also the Cluster Director of Future Mobility Solutions at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N).