Published on 30 Aug 2022

MAE Prof James Wang Ming invents world's first eVOTL, Volocopter

Taken from: Opportunities for going to work or shop; Singapore’s future air transport
Lianhe Zaobao, zbNow, page 1

Professor James Wang Ming led the development of electric vertical takeoff and landing eVOTL in NTU, inventing the world's first eVOTL, Volocopter.

It is created to act as an air taxi service that takes tourists for an air ride, giving aerial scenery view of Marina Bay Sands and other attractions.

According to one of the staffs, the main challenge was to overcome the safety requirements where the failure rate has to be 1 in a billion at most to obtain the flight permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. But now this obstacle has been overcome.

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