Research Focus

LILY’s research results are being applied in societally impactful ways. Through cutting-edge human-centred AI research - including curious AI, persuasive AI, explainable AI, and crowd AI - LILY has developed an ecosystem of humanized AI-powered platforms to help aging societies become “ageless”. Since our establishment, LILY has been striving to address key problems faced by seniors and the ageing society, including research topics related to dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, frailty, rehabilitation, general wellbeing, and quality of life.


human centered AIHuman-centred AI: We propose an ecosystem of human-centred AIs, including curious AI, persuasive AI, explainable AI, and ethical AI, to help aging societies become “ageless”.

Smart Ageing-in-Place: We use Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) to help seniors age safely and comfortably at home, by providing all-around quality care and protecting their privacy.   

Early Dementia Assessment & Intervention : We design and develop a personal big data driven toolkit for long-term cognitive assessment and intervention to reduce the risk and delay the onset of dementia.

AIoT-based Frailty Assessment & Intervention: We built an end-to-end system for assessment and intervention of frailty to reduce the risk and delay/decelerate the progress of physical frailty.

AI-assisted 3H Care: We design a platform that aims to accurately identify 3H and pre-3H patients and provide personalized interventions to reverse or slow disease progression and complication development.

Stroke Rehabilitation: We built a system to deliver high-quality upper limb rehabilitation program that is safe, stroke-specific, evidence-based, patient-centred, and enjoyable.

Parkinson’s Disease Assessment: We jointly develop an intelligent platform for early prediction and gamified rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease with the Pacific Parkinson's Disease Research Centre of Canada. 

Serious Games: We conduct design-driven research with medical professionals to develop a practical framework for designing and developing personalized serious games.