Crescent Hall

One of the newer halls, Crescent and Pioneer Halls were completed in 2014 and features interlinking of both halls where big ideas brew in the Innovation Garage. Indulge in the various hands-on workshops like woodworking, bike salvation and clay craft conducted regularly as part of the Residential Education programme.

150 Nanyang Crescent, Singapore 637122
  • Room Amenities:Air-con | Non air-con | Toilet (Common)

Admin Office

Room Rates

Monthly Rate S$
(per resident)
Monthly Rate S$
(per resident)
Single Room (Non Air-con)539583
Double Room (Non Air-con)393428
Single Room (Air-con)584633
Double Room (Air-con)439475

#There are plans to upgrade and renovate certain student halls.  The rates for these specific halls will no longer be applicable once these particular halls undergo upgrading and renovations.