15 September 2018 - News: ​Interview with Prof Shaun Wang by Lianhe Zaobao

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Title : 15 September 2018 - News: ​Interview with Prof Shaun Wang by Lianhe Zaobao
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Published date : Sep 18, 2018, 00:00 AM

探讨网安如何影响企业 南洋商学院首设网络风险管理课程
Exploring how cyber-security affects businesses: Nanyang Technological University’s Business School launches first risk management course

English translation of summary of the article:
• From Mid-August this year, Nanyang Business School started to offer cyber-risk management and insurance courses
• 22 out of 52 students who minored in Risk Management and Insurance chose to take this course
• This course is different from that offered by the School of Engineering – instead of tackling technology-related issues, the course focuses on the impact of cybersecurity on enterprises
• Hopefully this will help business school students have a knowledge of cyber risk, to master methods of quantifying cyber threats and use this to evaluate similar future threats
• Prof Wang brought up the example of Equifax, to show that a lack of cyber security knowledge may result in great loss
• Two students were quoted in the article: 
   -  One observed that cyber security has been a popular topic and many students seek to understand how cyber threats impact enterprises and learn how to reduce them
   -  Another pointed out that as we are living in an era of virtual currency, a knowledge of cyber security will help us to better manage risks and protect our digital wealth.

Media: Lianhe Zaobao (Print) dated 15-Sep-18

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