Published on 08 Sep 2023

Towards Fusion Clean Energy by Prof Xavier Garbet

IAS Discovery Science Seminar Jointly Organised with the Graduate Students’ Clubs

Held on 30 August 2023 at SPMS LT2, the seminar “Towards Fusion Clean Energy” by Prof Xavier Garbet from the NTU School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences was organised by IAS@NTU and the Graduate Students’ Clubs of SPMS, MAE and EEE. The event offered a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of nuclear fusion energy and its prospective future developments.

Nuclear fusion, the process of combining light atomic nuclei to release energy, captivates scientists worldwide for its potential to provide virtually limitless, clean, and sustainable power, mirroring the energy source of the sun.

Prof Garbet gave a concise introduction to the working principles of Nuclear Fusion reactors. After a brief overview of magnetic confinement of plasmas and different types of magnetic-confinement based reactors, he delineated the advantages offered by Deuterium-tritium fusion and the plans for this to be used in upcoming fusion reactors like International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).   

Next, he shared the various computational aspects of modelling plasmas using detailed animations to simplify the audience’s understanding the arcane concepts of plasma instabilities and their impact on fusion reactors. The audience was awed by the computational effort and time that goes into understanding the functioning of fusion reactors. 

Along with the presentation, a dynamic and engaging question-and-answer session unfolded, during which students enthusiastically delved into various inquiries. Prof Garbet readily addressed a spectrum of topics, spanning from his own research endeavours to more general inquiries about the role Singapore could play in catalysing nuclear fusion research. His responses were exceptionally enlightening and garnered widespread appreciation from the audience. 

Prof Xavier Garbet addressing intriguing questions from the audience.

The seminar helped the audience gain profound insights into the intricate world of nuclear plasmas. Through the engaging discussions and the expert insight of Prof Garbet, the seminar not only illuminated the present state of nuclear fusion research but also kindled the audience's enthusiasm for the promising horizons it holds in the pursuit of clean and sustainable energy sources.

"The practical implications of nuclear fusion, which were covered during the talk were particularly exciting for me" - Yasharth Yadav (PhD Student, SPMS)

"Prof Garbet introduced the topic in very detailed manner and combined it with Singapore situation" - Yu Shujin (PhD Student, IGP-IDMxS)

"I enjoyed learning about the different types of reactors that will hopefully be in operation soon" - Nur Jannah (Undergraduate, MAE)

Watch the Video recording.

Written by Navaratna Nikhil | SPMS Graduate Students’ Club