Published on 28 Dec 2023

Quantum Industry Day 2023

Dr Ho Shen Yong | Executive Director, Institute of Pedagogical Innovation, Research and Excellence (InsPIRE), NTU

On 8 December 2023, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) hosted Quantum Industry Day 2023 at the Collaborative Lab (Experimental Medicine Building), where researchers from NTU and industry leaders converged to explore the cutting edge of quantum technologies.

Jointly organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research and Excellence (InsPIRE), School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) and IBM Quantum, the event was attended by more than 100 students, researchers, and faculty. Leaders from IBM Quantum, Foxconn (Hon Hai Technology Group), NVIDIA, and A*STAR also presented their latest developments, endeavours, and opportunities in the quantum computing field. We would also like to acknowledge the kind support provided by the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi).

Quantum computing harnesses the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics – superposition, interference, and entanglement. These principles enable quantum computers to explore vast solution spaces simultaneously. For certain classes of problems, this quantum parallelism enables computations at speeds that defy the limits of classical computing. It's not just about doing things faster; it's about solving some problems deemed insurmountable until now.

Through talks and panel discussions, the key messages centred around three themes:
  • A Pioneering Technology: Quantum computing is not just an evolution; it's a technological leap. We are standing on the threshold of the quantum era. 
  • Solving the Unsolvable: Quantum computing has the potential to tackle certain types of problems that were once considered too complex or time-consuming. Examples of such applications include drug discovery, cryptography, quantum machine learning, financial modelling, and energy grid optimisation.  
  • Many Possibilities: Quantum computing is not confined to a single sector. Whether your interest lies in finance, healthcare, communication, materials, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity, quantum computing has a wide range of potential real-life applications.

[Clockwise from top left] (1)Assoc Prof Gu Mile introducing NTU's Quantum Research and Developments to the audience; (2) Dr Min-Hsiu Hsieh (Director of Foxconn) sharing his company's quantum technology initiatives; (3) Dr Jayne Thompson (Institute of High-Performance Computing, A*STAR) addressing the quantum computing landscape; and (4) Dr Yang Juntao (Solutions Architect, NVIDIA Singapore) presenting his talk "Towards the Quantum Computing of Tomorrow with the Supercomputer of Today".

In the afternoon session, experts from IBM Quantum shared a basic overview of quantum computational principles and demonstrated quantum algorithms using the Qiskit platform. They also showcased how Quantum Machine Learning can be implemented.

Dr Vishal Bajpe (Quantum Developer Community Advocate, IBM) demonstrating quantum algorithms using the Qiskit platform to the participants.

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