Published on 15 Jul 2022

SCSE Innovation Lab Held its 2nd International Student Conference on Artificial Intelligence (STCAI 2022) (June 2022)

On 25th and 26th July 2022, SCSE Innovation Lab held their second International Student Conference on Artificial Intelligence (STCAI 2022). STCAI is designed to connect passionate young students with industry-leading innovators and research pioneers, as well as other like-minded students. This provides students with the opportunity to learn more and explore the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, its applications, and their potential to contribute to a better future for our world.

As the first student-led international AI conference, STCAI has the aim of inspiring new ideas, sharing knowledge and build a network of connections for the advancement of AI. This 2-day virtual conference was packed with insightful, quality sharings by students and prestigious speakers from MIT, NUS, NTU, Power of Numbers, AI Singapore, Near, AI and Innovation Center of Excellence, Terra AI, Garuda Robotics and more! With a growing audience, STCAI has gained 31 student papers submissions - more than twice of last year’s, alongside a whopping 300 over registrations.

Similar to the previous year, the committee was grateful to have seven special guest speakers onboard the conference. We would like to thank these established industry experts, who took their time and heart into producing a series of insightful sessions to the audience:

  • Dr Lin Min: Principal Research Scientist at SEA AI Lab
  • Prof Ng See Kiong: Director (AI Technology) at AI Singapore and Professor of Practice at NUS Computing
  • Mr Nikhil Dwarakanath: Head of Analytics, Grab
  • Prof Fei Fang: Leonardo Assistant Professor
  • Dr Sunil Sivadas: Director of Next Gen Tech Centre, NCS
  • Dr Li Xiaoli: Department Head and Principle Scientist at the Institute for InfoComm Research, A*STAR
  • Prof Gong Ke: Past President of World Federation of Engineering Organisation (WFEO)

Furthermore, we would like to express gratitude to the following eight panelists and panel moderators who are industry leaders in the AI field as well. They engaged in meaningful and thought- provoking topics with the audience.

Topic #1: Getting Started with AI Start-Ups

  • Dr Hu Yiqun: Chief Data Officer at NTUC (moderator)Mr. Oliver Tan: CEO and Co-Founder at ViSenze
  • Dr William Tjhi: Head of AI at NLP Hub
  • Mr Madhu Therani: Global CTO at Near

Topic #2: Getting Started with Deep Tech Projects

  • Mr Min Htoo: AI Engineer at Talo Labs (moderator)
  • Dr Adrienne Heinrich: AI and Innovation CoE Head at Aboitiz Data Innovation
  • Mr Arnold Doray: CEO at Terra AI
  • Mr Jiin Joo Ong: CTO at Garuda Robotics

Besides, STCAI would like to give a huge shout-out to its two sponsors this year – SEA AI Lab (Gold sponsor) and A*STAR (Bronze sponsor). Your generous contributions motivated the STCAI committee to bring the best and enabled STCAI to be free and accessible to anyone across the globe regardless of background - breaking barriers between learners and knowledge.

Finally, STCAI sends a massive congratulations to those who have submitted their papers or shared them during the conference. Winners or not, your papers were impressive! It is no doubt that your time and effort defined STCAI and reinforced its purpose as the go-to conference for Artificial Intelligence.

To sum up this year’s conference, STCAI saw an international community of AI enthusiasts and practitioners come together, learning new things from one another and helping each other grow. The STCAI committee hopes this experience acted as a stepping stone for many students to begin their journey in AI, or inspired them to dig deeper into the niche domains we love so much, and build something truly amazing.

Do check STCAI out at and stay tuned for more events in future! Until then, this was STCAI 2022!