Published on 02 May 2023

Podcast: Insights into the Career and Life as a Data Engineer (30 Mar 2023)

Bryan Soh, a data engineer from GetGo was invited by the Student Committee of SCSE Innovation Lab for a podcast session.

The podcast was a great way to learn about the career of a data engineer and the industry as a whole. During the podcast, insightful discussion about the skills required to excel in the field of data engineering was shared.

Bryan provided valuable insights about the daily work and responsibilities in data engineering. The discussion was an excellent opportunity to engage with a professional in this field and learn about their experiences.

Questions were asked and  Bryan clarified the doubts that were raised, thereby allowing listeners to gain a deeper understanding of both the job itself, and the company culture at GetGo. The podcast was thought-provoking and has left listeners with a better appreciation of the profession.  The Student Committee looks forward to publishing the video once the editing is done!