Research Capabilities

Main Lab

Located at N3.1-B1-03. Show location

HP-NTU Corp Lab main entrance area
Researchers' Office
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Main 3D Printing Lab

The lab's main research themes will focus on advancing 3D Printing, specifically around artificial intelligence, machine learning, new materials and applications, cybersecurity and customization.

With 3 major programmes: (1) 3D Printing; (2) Digital Systems and Artificial Intelligence; (3) Cybersecurity, HP-NTU Corp Lab hosts a Main 3D Printing Lab occupying ~900m2 of space that houses equipment for 3D Printing as well as a Malware Lab for Cybersecurity. 

HP-NTU Corp Lab (Main 3D Printing Lab)

HP MJF 3D Printers

(HP MJF 4200, HP MJF 5200, HP MJF 580 Printers)

Main 3D Printing Lab HP printers
Main 3D Printing Lab HP printers

HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200

HP High volume MJF 3D Printing Solution for expansion and scaling up into mid-volume production. Address final part applications with repeatable accuracy & best-in-class economics.
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HP MJF 5200

HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200

HP MJF 3D Printing Solution aim for industrial prototyping & final part production. Solution that can produce quality parts at optimized productivity and cost.
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HP MJF 4200

HP Multi Jet Fusion 580

HP MJF 3D Color Printer tailored for early product design with color focus. Fully integrated solution which offer mixing, loading, printing & reclaiming in one device.
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HP MJF 580

HP OPUS 3D Scanner

HP OPUS 3D scanner technology uses enhanced structured light scanning technology and HP 3D scan software to render a 3D structure of a part which is later used for meteorology, image recognition and visualization.

HP OPUS 3D scanner

Other Labs and Equipment

HP D300e Digital Dispenser

Flexible, easy operation system, that accurately dispense volumes from picoliters to microliters for faster, more reliable dispensing of small molecules and biomolecules to enable drug discovery, genomics, and proteomics research. 

Machine is located at MAE Biological Lab [N3-01b-07].

HP D300e Digital Dispenser

HP TIPS tool

HP non-commercial handheld controller with range of replaceable TIPS printhead. Useful development tool design for characterization of new ink jetting.

Machine is located at Materials Lab 2, Processing room 1 [N3.2-b2-02].

HP TIPS tool

Bead Blaster

Machine is part of 3D Printing post-processing process, for clearing of powder on 3D-printed samples.

Machine is located at HP-NTU Corp Lab Annex Lab [N3.1-B4b-02]

Bead Blaster