Self-Leadership by Dr Andrew Goh

01 Sep 2021 10.30 AM - 12.00 PM Current Students

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About the Seminar:

This seminar will empower and equip participants with the basic life skills of first-step leadership that is leading self and others. Topics covered includes values driven commitment, how focusing on the future set leaders apart, leading by example as well as challenges being the crucible of success. The interactive session allows students to practice what they have learned as well as get answers for their queries in the Q&A section.

About the Speaker:
Dr Andrew Goh makes presentations as a platform speaker to small groups and big conferences. He is known for his insightful yet light-hearted approach. He has written various books including “Management by Humour” which he taught as an Elective subject at NTU. Among other voluntary responsibilities, he has served on the Singapore Advisory Council of World Vision International and the Board of Halogen Young Leaders Foundation.