Maritime Cluster Fund's (MCF) Talent@MaritimeSingapore

MCF's Talent@MaritimeSingapore is one of the various initiatives by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) targeted at promoting manpower development in maritime services, especially those that are high value-added and knowledge-based.  These include ship management, ship brokering/chartering, marine insurance & finance, port terminal management/planning/development, port economics, marketing and pricing, ship/offshore structure design and construction, marine engineering and offshore technology.

The objective is to encourage undergraduate students to take up internships in the maritime industry, and also to generate relevant R&D ideas for their final year research projects. It also hopes to increase awareness of the employment opportunities in the maritime industry in Singapore.

Undergraduates who participate in maritime-related internships in Singapore enjoy an additional allowance of $400 per month up to 24 weeks, on top of the allowances given by the company that they are attached to. The allowance is given out as a lump-sum at the end of the internship.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be:

1)  A Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident
2)  Not holding MPA Scholarship
3)  Not under MPA GIA programme
4)  Participating in one of these approved internship programs in a maritime-related business entity except MPA which the top-up allowance has already been included in the monthly salary:

  • Professional Attachment
  • Professional Internship

5)  If the student is applying allowance for a personal/ non-credit bearing attachment, it must fulfil the following criteria: 

  • A short-term professional learning experience with clearly defined projects and specific learning objectives. The learning experience allows the student to acquire maritime-related industry skills.
  • Excludes longer term / permanent job placements, e.g. those that occur during the school term; and
  • Direct mentor is assigned by the company.

    Note: Maritime-related business entities would include companies in the port, shipping, and maritime services (e.g. maritime finance, law, insurance) sectors. Logistics and freight-forwarding companies (e.g. DHL, Fedex etc) are not considered maritime-related companies. However companies such as NYK Logistics or APL Logistics can be considered as they are the logistics arm of shipping companies and are directly involved in activities relating to ocean transportation.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Duration of the internship must be within 4 to 24 weeks.
    • Internship must be well-structured and enable interns to gain knowledge of and experience in maritime businesses. It may be conducted either in Singapore, in overseas office(s), client office(s) and/or on-board ships.
    • Please note that the “Project Description” (50 - 100 words) should reflect the actual project work/work attachment emphasizing maritime related elements done by the student and not based on the proposed scope of attachment furnished by the prospective employer at the point of their application to get student intern.

    To Apply

    Please complete the Report Summary below at the end of your internship. 


    Application and Closing Date

    • Mid-July to 31 Oct 2024 (for Internship period: Jan - July 2024 and May - Aug 2024)
    • Mid-Dec to 28 Feb 2025 (for Internship period: Aug - Dec 2024)