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About Economic Growth Centre

The Economic Growth Centre (EGC) has been actively producing research output on East Asian economies, and offers a platform for academic exchange through various programmes, research networks and collaborations, as well as joint academic events. We aim to advance research in applied economics fundamental to economic policy, and to train the next generation of scholars, policy makers, and practitioners in related areas.


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EGC has been actively producing its research output on East Asian economies, offering a platform for academic exchange through our program, and contributing to the establishment of research networks that facilitated research collaboration and joint academic events at both local (NUS, SMU, SIM) and international level.


The Singapore Economic Review

The Singapore Economic Review is a general economics quarterly devoted to publishing the best policy and applied economics papers in addition to high-quality theoretical pieces. Widely regarded as a leading journal in the Asia-Pacific, it has a long history of publication on economic issues impinging on Southeast Asia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. Issues analysed are not specific to Singapore but instead highlight rigorous empirical work across diverse economic issues of the contemporary world, including macroeconomic, microeconomic, financial and social aspects, with a special emphasis on economic problems related to Asian countries.
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