About Us

Division of Economics’ Research Centre, where all our faculties are actively involved.

The Economic Growth Centre (EGC) was founded by Emeritus Professor of Economics Lim Chong Yah, set up by the Division of Economics, and launched in 2005 by the NTU President Dr. SU Guaning. Envisioning to advance research in applied economics and to train the next generation of economic policy researchers who specialize in Singapore and [Asian Pacific] Economy as well as future Asia Pacific leaders, EGC has organized [386] seminars, offered platform for academic exchange by hosting [30] scholars, and published [109] working papers over the past 12 years.

EGC has been actively produced its research output on East Asian economies, and offered a platform for academic exchange through our program, contributing establishment of research networks that facilitated research collaboration and joint academic events at both local (NUS, SMU, SIM) and international level. Along with the changes in the Singapore Economy, the research focus and research units of EGC have also seen some changes over the years.​

  1. To advance research in applied economics which are fundamental to economic policy.
  2. To train the next generation of economic and policy research scholars as well as future Asia Pacific leaders.
    1. by forecasting the performance of Singapore and Asian Pacific Economy and advising policies for sustainable economic growth.
    2. by disseminating research findings through our working papers series and regular programmes and events
    3. by offering platform for staff and student exchange through joint research activities


For forecasting the performance & advising policies


Conducts research on the process & factors of global economic development in East Asian countries
Under the two research units “Macroeconomic Policy & Growth” and “Microeconomic Policy & Social Research.”
For disseminating research findings
Publishes an working paper series (2005-Present, Total: 109)
Organizes seminars (2005-Present, Total: 298), conferences (Total: 10), and workshops (Total: 13)
For offering platform for academic exchange
Hosts distinguished researchers/postgrad fellows/visiting scholars
in our divisional seminars, Singapore Economic Review annual conferences, EGC workshops, and visiting scholar program.
Establish further networks
through research collaboration and joint academic events with major universities in Singapore (NUS, SMU, SIM) and abroad.
Research Centres Networking Group (RCNG, Sep 12, 2013~Present) is a visiting research programme that aims to facilitate research between faculty and research fellows across the network. Junior members and graduate students from the research centres in the network have the opportunity to work with the visiting researcher to expose them to new research ideas and methodologies. Members of the networking group also convene joint workshops and conferences on common themes across research centres.
Total of 10 Research Centres is participating in the network (2017-2019):
Engages in joint research projects with Organizations, Work and Labour Network (OWL-NET) for international and comparative analysis