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Fuzzing and Software Security Summer School 2024

Fuzzing and Software Security Summer School 2024
27 May 2024 - 31 May 2024 Prospective Students

The inaugural Fuzzing and Software Security Summer School will debut on the week of the 27th-31st May 2024 at the National University of Singapore in Singapore. The school will focus on recent advances in fuzzing technology and the practical application of fuzz testing tools, with the goal of software vulnerability discovery and overall software protection. The school invites both postgraduate students, advanced undergraduate students and researchers with a relevant interest in software testing. The school also invites industry professionals who wish to gain practical hands-on knowledge on fuzz testing tools and technologies.

The Fuzzing and Software Security Summer School is part of the Fuzz Testing Research Program. Details of the program can be found on the Fuzz Testing website at

Registration is open from now till 16 Feb 2024. Click here to register.