About Us

The CyberSG R&D Programme Office (CRPO) is a new national centre at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. CRPO will focus its efforts on three main thrusts to advance cybersecurity comprehensively: cutting-edge research and development, advancements in technology and translational development, and fostering ecosystem/industry growth and training.

CRPO aspires to propel Singapore to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and implementation, fueled by funding from the Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA). This financial backing empowers CRPO to finance visionary projects proposed by diverse entities, including research institutes (RIs), institutions of higher learning (IHLs), and industries. The scope of these initiatives spans the entire Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum, from nascent concepts at TRL 1 to advanced, field-tested solutions at TRL 9, all within the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.

Functioning as a pivotal research translation center, CRPO not only spearheads the transformation of research findings into tangible outcomes but also establishes a robust governance framework to oversee the entirety of translational activities. Beyond this, CRPO is dedicated to constructing an inclusive ecosystem that facilitates the seamless flow and development of talent, effective communication, and efficient scholarship management. Collaborating closely with NTUitive, NTU's technology transfer office, CRPO endeavors to streamline intellectual property (IP) management. The goal is to create a user-friendly policy framework tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs), ensuring the effortless adoption of groundbreaking cybersecurity inventions. In essence, CRPO is not merely a funding entity but a catalyst for the holistic advancement of Singapore's cybersecurity landscape.

In Frontier Research and Development, the emphasis lies on anchoring fundamental research to enhance core cybersecurity capabilities, striving for technological and scientific excellence, and addressing societal challenges through moon-shot and grand challenge initiatives. Translation and Industry-Driven Technology Development involve identifying and translating IPs from fundamental research for commercial potential, constructing a cybersecurity innovation platform for local public and private sector adoption, and catalyzing the growth of cybersecurity as a new industry through translational grant management, including demos and field trials with governmental and private partners.

The third thrust, Ecosystem/Industry Development and Training, aims to showcase cybersecurity prowess through downloadable APIs and field trials for local SMEs. Additionally, it seeks to nurture a cybersecurity startup ecosystem through incubators, training, certification, and hackathons. The programme also provides training in cybersecurity technologies to industries and schools, focusing on human talent development. Simultaneously, CRPO endeavors to promote awareness and adoption of cybersecurity technologies across industries, develop a robust talent pool to support Singapore's cybersecurity industry, and facilitate talent flow between the public, industry, research institutes, and academia through appropriate schemes.