Research Areas

Fibre Laser

Programme Director: Dr. Lai Wenn Jing


Fiber laser program scrutinizes, designs and develops different kinds of fiber lasers in order to meet the increasing demands of a range of applications, such as laser-based guide star for astronomy, gravitational wave detection, medical, material processing, laser cutting and welding, remote sensing, laser-based particle acceleration, LIDAR, military applications, and etc.


The program embraces novel creation of the mid to high power CW as well as pulsed fiber lasers at different wavelengths of interest, which covers from visible to near and mid infrared range.  The purpose of the program is to ease and improve the work if not life of the humankind through fiber laser research.

Fibre Sensors and Medicine

Prof Liu Linbo

Programme Director: Assoc. Prof. Liu Linbo

Optical technologies and photonics devices play a key role in healthcare and life science research. In order to meet the biggest clinical and scientific needs, fiber medicine program advances design, development, and application of new fiber-optical/photonic technologies and methods in medicine and the life sciences. 

The next generation fiber-optical/photonic technologies we focus include but not limited to micro-/nano-imaging and spectroscopy, intravascular and endomicroscopy for early cancer detection, fiber medicine, fiber biosensor, super-resolution microscopy, low-cost optical medical devices, novel optical contrast agents, and photo-acoustic imaging. The mission of the program is to improve human healthcare through basic, translational, and clinical research via fiber-optic research.

Optical Fibre Communication 

Prof Wei Lei

Programme Director: Assoc. Prof. Wei Lei

 The research in this program spans from energy-efficient optical systems to green optical technologies, including fiber-based optoelectronic devices, advanced transmission system, multifunctional fiber structures, visible light communication system, optical amplifier system, microwave photonic system, optical fiber sensors, and in-fiber energy generation and storage.