Centre for Micro- & Nano-Electronics

The NOVITAS Centre consists of multiple Facilities and Laboratories equip with Characterization and Measurement instruments and Fabrication Facilities to serve the functions of Research & Development.

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About Us

What we do
Our Vision

To be the leading research Centre of Excellence in advancing scientific knowledge and spearheading innovative technologies in micro/nanoelectronics technologies for the benefit of humanity

Our Mission
  • To conduct leading-edge R&D in micro/nanoelectronics materials and devices for next-generation integrated circuits and systems
  • To promote inter-disciplinary R&D and engaging universities, research institutes and industries to create impactful solutions in electronic materials, devices and system integration technologies
  • To provide quality educational training and nurturing of manpower talents in the areas of micro/nanoelectronics and related technologies

Our Research Focus

More on our research focus

The CMNE Centre research activities are classified into three main groups


Advanced Silicon Device and Integration Technologies
Compound Semiconductor Devices and ICs

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