Research Focus

CLASS, together with the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, offers various seed funding opportunities to support research in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and the arts with focus on interdisciplinary research. The seed funding schemes also encourage faculty to compete for external competitive grants after the completion of the research project. The 6 focus research areas, in alignment with SSHR2025, are:

1: Sustainability and Resilience 
One key challenge humankind faces in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment is how to build sustainability and resilience in an age where future shocks – pandemics, economic crises, violent extremism and conflict, as well as slow-burn but no less serious climate change, seem to be proliferating unabated.  Projects under this theme can look into Secure Society, Healthy Communities, Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Industry and Civil Society.  Research focus areas can span a continuum from the national security, political history and current contexts of Singapore and beyond; contemporary issues such as food security, supply chains, public health and environmental security and justice;  rapid advances in public communications and other forms of technological evolution; and corporate governance and educational innovations in light of the global sustainability and societal resilience challenge.

2: Culture and Creativity
This theme focuses on two important aspects of human experience: culture and creativity. Projects under this theme can explore issues relating to innovation and creativity; technology and culture; consumer society; and social inclusion. Research topics can include culture and creativity as outcomes and seeks to stimulate research on how cultural and creative theories and practice evolve, as well as the subsequent impact of culture and creativity on various social outcomes.

3: Education & Transformation
Education at all levels offers transformative potential for individuals, organisations and societies. This theme provides meaningful opportunities for researchers to examine how educational institutions, policies and practices at all levels can better prepare people as lifelong learners, to be informed, ethical and knowledgeable workers, and citizens able to contribute to society and lead lives of meaning and purpose. 

4: Leadership and Disruptive Innovation
Leadership is a multidisciplinary field of study, drawing researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, including business, political science, sociology, psychology, education and various humanities fields. Projects under this theme can examine topics such as leadership and disruptive innovation, including but not limited to globalised leadership and network Asia; technological leadership; and entrepreneurial and innovative industry leadership.

5: Human Behaviour and Technology
Over the years, technology has revolutionised our world and daily lives. This theme seeks to examine the impact of technological advancements on individuals, organisations and society at large. Understanding human-technology interactions is vital for responsible development and acceptance of future technologies. Projects under this theme can include research that focuses on emerging technology & analytics, emerging technology & individuals, emerging technology & organisations, and emerging technology & society.

6: Language and Heritage
Language and cultural heritage are vibrant and interdependent aspects of all societies. Projects under this theme will examine how individuals and societies ascribe significance to lived experience through linguistic and cultural discourses in relation to historical and current sociopolitical contexts. This can take the form, inter alia, of historical and cultural engagement, investigation of linguistic diversity as cultural markers, or analysis of the way in which literary, theatrical, filmic and other artistic expression contributes to social formations and reflections.  



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