Our People

Professors: 19

Name    Year of JoiningThrust
Li Hong 1
Liu Zheng 1
Shen Zexiang 1
Tan Chuan Seng 1
Tay Beng Kang 1
Teo Hang Tong Edwin 1
Zhang Qing 1
Cuong Dang 2
Kantisara Pita 2
Leong Wei Lin 2
Ng Geok Ing 2
Radhakrishnan K 2
Rusli 2
Wang Hong 2
Luo Yu 3
Seongwoo Yoo 3
Wang Qijie 3
Wei Lei 3
Wong Liang Jie 3


Professors: 2

Prof Philippe Coquet 1
Prof Eric Rius -


Research staff: 16

Name Project NameYear of Joining
Fu QundongSynthesis of 2D materials for Electrical and Thermoelectric applications 2022
Guo RuiSynthesis of 2D Materials for Ternary Logic Applications2021
Liang KunMaterial Characterization and Energy Storage 2019
Wang XingliCoordinator for all 2D material projects2016
Tan Chong WeiCoordinator for all carbon based material projects2014
Ge Junyu Design, fabrication and application of plasmonic nanostructures2022
Duan RuihuanSynthesis of 2D single crystal for spintronics2021
Zhang ZhonghanMachine learning guided exploration of 2D materials for spintronic applications2021
Liliana TjahjanaStudies on nanophotonic materials and devices2017
Francesco MaddalenaScintillation of lead halide perovskite2018
M Danang BirowosutoNovel material for light matter interaction and high energy radiation detection".2015
Qian ChengOptical metamaterials & metasurfaces for imaging, holography and communication2021
He BingIn-fiber energy storage2021
Yong Zhi HuaLight-Matter Interactions in Nano-hetero-structured Scintillators2021
Chen Luzhou                High performance conformal metasurfaces2019
Yu XuechaoHigh performance 2D material optoelectronics2021


PhD students: 16

Name Project NameYear of Joining
Romain HubertHigh thermal conductivity phase change materials for thermal management in high power electronic devices, with IEMN UMR CNRS 8520 Lille2019
Koh See WeeRF applications of two-dimensional materials2017
Sun JiayiDevelopment of novel acoustic wave devices with piezoelectric atomic layered materials2020
Joseph de SaxceCarbon Nanotubes for RF applications, with XLIM CNRS University of Limoges France2018
Jiang RongtaoDevelopment of Carbon Nanotube based Antenna for Millimetre Wave
Lum Yu Xiang LucasAdvanced EM shielding through novel CNT fence wall transfer technology2020
Siah Chun FeiOn CNT transfer technology and its applications2017
Yip Weng HouDevelopment of 2D materials for Matrix Vector multiplication2020
Zhao GuangchaoDesign and fabrication of novel neuromorphic computing network based on 2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures2020
Huo LiliStudies on GaN-based Epistructures for THz applications2020
Baravaglio MatildeScintillating perovskites for fast time response applications, with ILM CNRS University of Lyon France2020
Li BaochengDistributed acoustic fibre sensing system2018
Guillaume RaynalHollow core fibre component2019
Geoffrey Barbet Nonlinear metasurfaces2019
Jin Yuhao High performance quantum cascade lasers2018
Li Jinghao Tunable quantum cascade lasers2018