About Us 学院介绍

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Confucius Institute aims to strengthen Singapore’s Mandarin capabilities, providing Singapore with a common platform in learning Chinese language and culture, and enhancing the communication link between Singapore and Chinese communities in other parts of the world. 

It is the first Chinese language and culture school in Singapore co-sponsored by the Chinese central government. Jointly established by the Office of Chinese Language Council International and Nanyang Technological University in August 2005.

Programmes 课程

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Student Programmes 学生课程


This programme specially designed for Singapore’s pre-school, primary and secondary students, to provide them with Chinese enrichment and extension programmes.

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Adult Programmes 成人课程

Adult Chinese Learning Programme is specially designed for individuals, including locals, expatriates and individuals who possess an interest in the Chinese language and culture.

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Cultural Programmes 文化项目

Cultural and Institute Funds Programme comprise of Calligraphy & Arts, Health & Wellness programmes, cultural and language competitions as well as seminars conducted by renowned scholars that are beneficial to the community.

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Customise your desired programme 量身定制课程

Contact us to find out how you can customise a programme to meet your specific needs.