Teacher Training 师资培训

Since 2018, our institute has organised many sharing sessions on pre-school teaching. In the short two years, 763 pre-school teachers have benefitted from the sessions. Other than regularly organising teacher training programmes, we also organise special training for pre-school educators, who are using our in-house developed pre-school Chinese teaching materials, TCEP Chinese for Early Learners. From 2018 to 2019, 442 teachers have participated in the training.

本院自2018年起,组织了多场学前华文教学分享会和培训课程,两年之间已有763名学前华文教师从中受益。 除了开办常规师训课程以外,也为采用我们开发出版的学前华文教材《状元学堂 亲亲华文》的幼儿园之华文教师组织特别培训班。2018至2019年间,已有442位老师参加了培训。