Published on 14 Dec 2023

Congratulations to Associate Professor Yang En-Hua on the award of NTUitive GAP Fund Award

Project Title: The Self-healing Cement Additive and Its Applications

Project Write-up 


Concrete is naturally brittle and the formation of cracks in concrete is almost inevitable from shrinkage and thermal expansion and contraction. As a result, many concrete leaks and deteriorates prematurely. Repair for leak stop remains a big challenge (and almost an art) for contractors and a headache for facility managers because it is very difficult to trace the source of leaking. In many cases, a significant portion of the structure may need to be replaced and reinstated in order to stop the leak and to restore the waterproofing performance, which is not only time consuming and labour intensive but also costly. There is a market need for a better and cost-effective solution to address this issue.  The proposed study is to advance the self-healing cement additive and to explore its applications.