Research Capabilities

​CCLC's research foci are:

  • Chinese Migration and Networks: Local and Global Issues

  • Chinese Education in Asia

  • Chinese Traditions and Cultures in Asia

  • Chinese Language and Dialects in Asia

  • Chinese Literature in Asia


Research Projects

Chinese Migration and Networks: Local and global Issues 

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
​Cultural Transplant and Construction of Chinese Communities:
A Project of Document and Research on Singapore Chinese Communities ​
​LEE Guan Kin



Chinese Education in Southeast Asia

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
A Collection and Critique of Documents on Tan Lark Sye​
​LEE Leong Sze​ 

LEE Guan Kin ​​​
The History of Nanyang University​​
​LEE Guan Kin ​


Chinese Tradition and Pop Cu​lture in Asia

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
​​Chinese Family & Marriage in Singapore
​CHOI Kwai Keong​​​​
​​Chinese Epigraphic Materials in Malacca​
CHNG Khin Yong


Chinese History and Folklore in Asia


 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
​Changes of a Chinese Clan Association since World War II: 
A Case Study of Bi Shan Ting
​ZENG Ling
The Cultural Identity of Singapore Chinese Clan Groups:
A Case Study of Singapore Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng​
​ZENG Ling
​The History of Chinese Missionary Publications in Singapore (1832-1844)​
CHNG Khin Yong


Chinese Language and Dialects in Asia ​

  Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
New Terms for New Ideas: Lexical Changes During 
​PI: CHEW Cheng Hai (NIE)

Member:​ CHNG Khin Yong 
​Chinese Language Written Proficiency Test for 
Primary 3 Students
​PHUA Chiew Pheng
​Comparison of Minnan Dialect in Singapore, 
Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan
​ZHOU Changji
​A Grammar of Singapore Mandarin
​LU Jianming
​​A Survey of Language Use and Language Attitudes 
in the Singapore Chinese Community
TAN Pack Ling

CHEN Songcen
​​Dialect in Singapore and the Minnan Regional Culture
​ZHOU Changji
​Survey of the Chinese Proficiency of Secondary and
University Students in Hong Kong & Singapore​
​A Comparative Lexicology Study on Mandarin in Singapore 
& Mainland China​
​LI Linding
Chinese Dialects in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan:
Their Recent Development and Geographical Distribution
WOON Wee Lee
Language Attrition in Singapore: The Chinese Community​
GOH Yeng Seng
Singapore Minnan Dialect-Proverbs and Folk Songs​
ZHOU Changji


Chinese Literature in Asia ​​

 Project Title (Completed)
​​​​​PI/Research Staff
An Anthology of Southeast Asian Chinese Literature
Since 1945​
​WOON Wee Lee
​Social Changes in Singapore as Seen in 
Singapore Chinese Fiction
​WONG Meng Won
Compilation of Literary Criticisms on 20th Century 
Singapore Chinese Literary Writers and Their Works
​WONG Meng Won
​Body Politics in Modern Chinese Literature
​GE Hongbing
​​Comparative Chinese Literature Studies
GU Zuzhao
​​Modern Views on Traditional Literary Theory
​TONG Qingbing
​The Retirement-Political Commitment Paradox of
Ancient Chinese Literati