CBB Research Focus

Centre for Bio-device & Bioinformatics (CBB) is a centre that focuses on the conduct of advanced research in the field of bio-devices, bio-imaging, and signal processing and analysis. CBB works closely with LKC School of Medicine, NTU in cross-disciplinary and translational “Bench to Bedside” research.

There are three main research areas in the centre namely, Bio-Device, Bio-Imaging, and Neurotechnology.


The main research focuses are: pathogen online-detection, optiofluidic devices, novel biosensors and smart bioanalysis


we focus on developing intracortical brain machine interface techniques that can be used to understand brain function and providing potential cure for brain diseases and abnormal function


our investigations have developed technologies (e.g. photoacoustic imaging, micro-OCT, acoustic imaging) for non-invasive and point-of-care diagnosis