Research Projects

Major Funded Projects

1Multi-functional and Low-cost Ophthalmic Optical Coherence Tomography
$549,240 (MoE Tier 2); Liu LB
2Acoustic Pulmonary Edema Detection Technology
$300,000 (NTU-MUV healthtech@NTU Fund); Ser W
3AI Enhanced Photoacoustic Imaging
(MoE Tier 2); Zheng YJ
4Non-invasive Glucose Continuous Monitoring
(SMART); Zheng YJ
5The Integrated Optofluidic System for Fast E. coli Detection in Drinking Water
$4M (SWA/CRP); Liu AQ
6Smart Cellular Laser Array Towards High Throughput 3D Phenotyping and Drug Screening
$272,000 (AME YIRG); Chen YC
7Exosome Laser Biochip: Nanolasers for Multiplexed Cancer Analysis
$642,000 (AME IRG); Chen YC
8Optofluidic Nano-cytometer for Virus Purification, Sorting and Quantification As An Assistive Toolkit for Virus Diagnosis
$6,860,000 (NRF/CRP); Liu AQ, Ser W 
9Nano-Opto-Fluidic System (NOFS) For Rapid Viral Detection and Sorting Via Optical Force
$1,702,700 (NRF/PUB); Liu AQ 
10Optical Force Induced Nano-Opto-Mechanical (NOM) Mass Cytometry For Biotoxin (Botulinum Toxin) Detection and Identification
$1,427,400 (NRF/PUB); Liu AQ 
11Optofluidic System For Bacteria Detection and Identification
$2,423,100 (NRF/PUB); Liu AQ
12Acoustophoretic Microfluidic System For Microbial Preconcentration and Fractionation
$1,737,800 (NRF/PUB); Liu AQ 
13Micro-Photonic-Fluidic-System for Label-Free Detection of Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water
$1,774,500 (Environmental and Water Initiative); Liu AQ 
14Project Crossbone
$1,760,000 (MINDEF); J Chang 
15Project Staazer
$1,580,000 (MINDEF); J Chang 
16MEMS Capacitive-Type High-Grade Gryroscope
$922,000 (ASTAR); J Chang
17Negative Photoconductance/optical Memory of Soft-breakdown Wide-bandgap Oxides
$879,000 (MOE); Ang DS
18An Innovative Non-invasive and Continuous Personal Heat Strain and Accompanied Physiological Parameters Monitoring System by Photoacoustics Sensing
$770,500 (DSTA); Zheng YJ 
19Flexible Printed Electronics: Analog Signal Processing
$742,570 (ASTAR); J Chang
20High-Speed ADC IP Core
$650,000 (DSTA); J Chang
21Integrated GaN-on-CMOS: Electronic Circuits and Systems Designs
$600,000 (SMART); J Chang 
22Design and Implementation of an OLED Backplane Pixel Driver and a Passive RFID Tag
$592,122 (ASTAR); J Chang
23Development of Highly Sensitive Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology Platform for Point-of-care Clinical Screening and Medical Diagnostics
$419,250 (ASTAR); Tse MS
24Neural Probe for Reduced Tissue Encapsulation
$365,016 (ASTAR); Liu AQ 
25Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Analysis of Preclinical and Clinical Imaging Data
$350,000 (NCCS); Ser W
26Peripheral Nerve Recording and Muscle Stimulation
$300,316 (ASTAR); Liu AQ 
27Multimodal Brain Imaging and Network Inference to Capture Changes Due to Normal Ageing and Disease
$300,000 (NTU); J Dauwels 
28Novel Approach to Non-Invasively Detect Pulmonary Edema Through Active Acoustic Sensing Combined With Automated Computer-Assisted Lung Sound Analysis
$300,000 (NTU); Ser W
29Optofluidic Fishnet Constructed By Optofluidic Force For Nanoparticle and Single Molecule Manipulation, Patterning and Sorting
$300,000 (NTU-Tier 1); Liu AQ
30Automatic Analysis of EEG for Neurological Patients by Deep Learning Methods
$300,000 (NTU); J Dauwels
31In Vivo Ultrahigh Resolution High Speed Endoscopic Optical Coherence
$300,000 (NTU); Liu LB 
32A Wearable System for the Detection and Recording of Snoring for Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome: Proof of Concept
$297,753 (ASTAR); Ser W – completed 2012
33A High Power-Efficiency 4G Power Amplifier for Smartphones Based on GaN-CMOS
$288,000 (SMART); J Chang – completed 2012
34Class D Audio Amplifiers: Low-Output-Noise, Ultra-High-Power Efficient, Utlra-High-Supply-Noise-Insentitive, Ultra-High-Fidelity and Small-IC-Area
$274,700 (NRF-POC); J Chang
35Microvesicle/ Exosome Purification Chip-miRNA Profiling for Personalized Medicine in Diabetes Theranostics
$250,000 (NTU); Liu AQ
36Hand Held Ophthalmic Camera for the Detection and Screening of Eye Diseases
$250,000 (NTU); Tjin SC 
37Optical Microfiber Sensor for Heavy Metal Ion Detection
$249,000 (MOE); Yong KT
38Neuro-Inspired Reconfigurable Processor: Circuits With 'Emergent' Structure
$243,354 (MOE); A Basu 
39Artefact Removal in Biomedical Signals for Mobile Health Applications
$240,000 (Qualcomm); P Marziliano 
40A Non-invasive Microwave Acoustic Imaging Apparatus for Breast Cancer Scanning and Diagnosis
$200,000 (NMRC); Zheng YJ
41Epileptic Seizures as Emerging Patterns in Complex Dynamical Networks
$200,000 (MOE); J Dauwels
42Automated Seizure Onset Zone Determination from Interictal EEG
$200,000 (MOE); J Dauwels
43Clinical Development and Validation of Automated EEG Data Interpretation System
$176,000 (NUHS); J Dauwels
44A Novel SAW-SPR Based Flexible Platform for Effective Field Biosensing of Food Hazard
$170,000 (NTU); Zheng YJ 
45On-Chip Spectrometer based on Integrated Silicon Photonics for Environmental Sensing and Monitoring
$150,000 (NTU); Liu AQ
46Food Toxin Pre-screening by High-throughput and Accurate Ion-channel Diagnosis Using Large Arrayed CMOS ISFET Sensor
$140,000 (NTU); Yu H
47Development of a Real-time Machine Learning Approach to Improve Surgical Outcomes During Deep Brain Stimulation of The Subthalamic Nucleus In Parkinson Disease
$130,800 (MOH)
48Development of Vascular Stenosis Prediction Using Acoustic Sensor
$106,000 (Neptech); Ser W
49Automated Detection of Seizure-Spectrum Patterns and Quantitative Neurological Outcome Prediction
$112,000 (MGH); J Dauwels
50Angle Closure Glaucoma: Novel Methods for Imaging, Risk Assessment and Screening
$109,200 (ASTAR); P Marziliano 
51Behavior and Neurophysiological Study of Subliminal Priming in the Realm of Advertisement and Beyond
$100,050 (DSO); J Dauwels

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