Published on 27 Feb 2023

Acquisition of Singapore’s ENEO Water paves way for green hydrogen in Mauritania

Green hydrogen could spur demand for desalination solutions in Africa

A British firm that plans to produce green hydrogen using solar energy in Mauritania has acquired a Singapore firm that uses solar-powered reverse osmosis technology to desalinate water. The UK firm, Chariot limited, aims to integrated ENEO water’s solar powered technology at its 10GW green hydrogen facility in Mauritania called Project Nour.

ENEO uses solar-powered reverse osmosis technology that is both modular and scalable to produce desalinated water, which is crucial for the production of green hydrogen. Project Nour, a partnership between Chariot and renewable energy producer Total Eren, is located in northern Mauritania where there is abundant wind and solar resources. This would make producing low-cost green hydrogen viable. The venue’s proximity to Nouadhibou, a deep-sea port, will make it possible for the firm to export green hydrogen to Europe.

Chariot has also stated its intention to provide cost-effective access to water to local communities. To accomplish this, the company will embark on creating, investing in, and owning decentralised water supply projects that utilise renewable energy sources. 

Desalination plants were traditionally powered by fossil fuels and had high energy consumption. But recent technological advancements have made desalination more energy-efficient, reducing costs and emissions. The integration of renewable energy sources into desalination has been a significant stride in addressing water scarcity without compromising efforts to combat climate change. Full reliance on renewables would further solidify desalination as a crucial technology for sustainable water management.

A British International Investment (BII) study recently identified desalination as a potential investment opportunity for climate adaptation. Given its many geographic advantages, Mauritania, a sparsely populated republic in the Sahel, is may be well positioned to becoming a world leader in the production of green hydrogen. The project may also go a long way in helping bridge the scarcity of clean potable water.



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