How to evaluate risk when investing in Africa

02 Nov 2023 09.00 AM - 12.30 PM NTU@one-north (Seminar Room 606), 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Singapore 138664 Alumni, Industry/Academic Partners, Public
Organised by:
NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies

Asian business leaders know the immense opportunities that Africa offers. But they are also blind-sided by irrational fears often fuelled by news stories that tend to cast Africa in a less-than salubrious image. That explains why they are often reluctant to consider Africa as a priority despite it promising better rate of return than most other emerging markets.

Irrespective what sector of business, developing a data-supported risk assessment strategy is the first step towards making an informed investment decision.

Participants joined in a half-day intensive workshop conducted by Ronak Gopaldas, Director of Signal Risk and a NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies Fellow, on how to evaluate risk when investing in Africa and map a robust risk-reward framework. 

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