Investing in Africa's infrastructure

25 Aug 2021 04.00 PM - 05.30 PM Virtual Industry/Academic Partners, Public
Organised by:
Enterprise Singapore

Africa requires anything between US$68bn to US$108bn in finance to bridge its infrastructure deficit. International investors with an appetite for Africa have over US$11trn available in assets under management. 5.7% of this is targeted for infrastructure, yet less than 1% effectively gets invested. Securing private sector funding has never been as challenging as it is now. Lack of sufficient information on investment opportunities, coupled with the perception of high risks also contributes to the challenge. The problem is that investors do not know where to invest and how to invest.  

Watch the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies and the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD webinar to understand how you can invest in Africa's infrastructure.

Mr Amit Jain
Director, NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies
Mr Amine Idriss
Director, Programme Delivery and Coordination, AUDA-NEPAD
Dr. Towela Nyirenda–Jere
Head of Economic Integration, AUDA-NEPAD
Mr Wahabou Ibrah
Lead-Infrastructure Project Preparation, AUDA-NEPAD
Mr Haresh Aswani
Managing Director, Tolaram Group

Mr Tejaswi Avasarala
General Manager, Strategic Marketing, Lagos Free Zone
Tolaram Group


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