State of the art facilities at ATMRI

Our facilities include a 13-metre wide Aerodrome control tower simulator simulating the working environments of the Changi Airport control tower cabin with a 360 degrees view of the aerodrome.

It consists of seven controller working positions comprising two tower positions, three ground positions, a ground movement position and a supervisor position for overall management.  They are capable of providing communication functions and information displays of ground radar, lighting, airside situations, arrival manager sequence, weather and flight data plan.

There are twelve tower pseudopilot positions which correspond with the respective controller working positions in the tower.  The tower pseudo-pilot positions are highly configurable and uniform for NARSIM Tower and Radar.  Besides, they can be used for both simulators if needed.  Each pseudo-pilot position is equipped with VoIP system for communication between the controller and pilot.

In the Radar simulation laboratory, there are five controller work positions (CWP); expandable to seven if needed.  They are configurable to either area/en-route control centre or approach control centre of both.

The Radar pseudopilot lab can contain up to 10 pseudo pilot positions, with the capability to operate in area control or approach control mode, as well as in combined mode. The hardware will be driven by specialised software such as NARSIM and AirTOp, two of the simulation tools for airfield performance assessment and for airport resource utilisation optimisation. 

Each pseudopilot is equipped with a blipper display and a situation display.