Published on 21 Mar 2023

Rank 1st in OpenZeppelin bounty track of ETHDenver Hackathon

Photo of a postgraduate taking selfie with a Judge.

Mr Zhang Jingchi (Year 3, SCSE PhD) and team proposed a security defender application and won the challenge for OpenZeppelin Defender Integration, 1st Prize. Standing beside him is Mr Ernesto García (left), Judge of bounty track from OpenZeppelin.

ETHDenver is the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon (aka hackathon) for Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers, and developers in the world. During the event, participants from all around the world will create teams to compete for more than $1 million in rewards in various tracks, including DAO+Community and DeFi Tracks, Polygon, Scroll, Coinbase, and Open Zeppelin Sponsor Bounties.

SCSE PhD student Mr Zhang Jingchi, along with Ms Liu Luna and Mr Zhang Tianzuo from Tsinghua University, collaborated on a project for the OpenZeppelin-sponsored bounty track. OpenZeppelin is one of the most well-known crypto cybersecurity technology and services companies.

This project, HoneyDApp, aims to mitiage the potential harm that decentralized applications experience from numerous security threats. It integrates Defender in order to identify and detect the attack. The name of the application is drawn from the concept of a "honeypot" smart contract, which is designed to attract and trap attackers before they can cause any significant harm.  

HoneyDApp was granted a $6K Bounty as the winner of the OpenZeppelin Defender Integration Challenge.   

Congratulations to our PhD student, Mr Zhang Jingchi and his team. Team members (from left): Ms Liu Luna Tsinghua PhD student, Mr Zhang Tianzuo Tsinghua Master student and Zhang Jingchi.

OpenZeppelin Announcement: