MSc TIP and FM TIP Consultation

28 Oct 2023 - 17 Dec 2023 Prospective Students

The Master of Science in Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme and FlexiMasters in Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme focuses on educating and nurturing leaders for the entrepreneurship ecosystem through academic knowledge acquisition, entrepreneurial mindset cultivation, and business skillset development. It empowers participants to be competent in leveraging technology advancements to create social and economic value for society. Emphasising experiential learning, MSc TIP and FM TIP integrates the knowledge of emerging technologies and innovative business models and practices into its curriculum. The course covers strategic and operational issues of entrepreneurial ventures at their different growth stages. Throughout the programme, participants will have opportunities to engage with various stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Many graduates have benefitted from the programme and have transformed their entrepreneurial ideas into successful ventures.


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