NTU Innovation Port 

The new NTU Innovation Port – a one-stop centre for all things innovation-related. 

With locations at both the North and South Spines of the University’s main campus, the NTU Innovation Port serves as a common space for the NTU community and external partners to discuss start-up and innovation ideas, as well as assist industry partners looking to collaborate or license technologies.

The space located at the Arc will occupy half of the existing Student Hub and is expected to launch by end Q1 2024 while the other space located at Gaia is expected to be ready by Q3 2024.  

NTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship welcomes NTU community (students, alumni, faculty and researchers) and industry partners to leverage these new resources to accelerate their I&E journey. 


NTU Innovation Port at Gaia

The NTU Innovation Port at Gaia is a one-stop I&E space designed specifically for students, and by students. Located at Gaia, this purpose-built Port offers a dedicated 420-square meter area for initiatives that enhance students’ I&E engagement and vibrancy on campus. It serves as a meeting place for like-minded students, student entrepreneurs, alumni entrepreneurs, and the entire NTU community, providing an enriching exposure to the I&E ecosystem both on campus and beyond.

The Port is a hub for a wide range of activities, including hackathons, panel discussions, talks, workshops, business showcase exhibitions, and thematic networking sessions. Students are presented with opportunities and support to advance their entrepreneurial journeys. Our Concierge is available to provide information and support for students' I&E journeys, while the I&E Mentorship Clinic offers access to a team of more than 30 experienced mentors. This ensures that students stay ahead of the curve and receive valuable guidance.

Moreover, the Port encourages student leadership in I&E and facilitates cross-disciplinary partnerships among fellow champions and Student Ambassadors. With a dedicated Student Ambassadors' Co-working Space, the Port supports and nurtures these initiatives. We also offer collaborative spaces such as meeting rooms, lounges, and exhibition spaces, which are available for booking to showcase students' I&E achievements.

We welcome strategic partners and companies to co-host programmes and networking sessions with NTUpreneur in the Port. This symbiotic collaboration fosters a dynamic and supportive environment that benefits everyone involved.

Artist's Impression by Ethree5

An interim space at NTUpreneur’s current office at Research Techno Plaza is currently being used for this purpose while planning of the renovation of the NTU Innovation Port at Gaia is in progress.

Visit the NTU Innovation Port at Gaia and be a part of a vibrant community that cultivates innovation and entrepreneurship.