About Us

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NIMBELS is a strategic venture that brings together six NTU entities with a view to integrating and coordinating research in life sciences.
We collaborate on initiatives bringing together our expertise across to promote synergistic and interdisciplinary partnerships that are critical to addressing many of today’s health and environmental challenges.

Research Focus

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Former NTU research fellow and first author of the paper, Zhang Yiming (left); NTU LKCMedicine Assoc Prof Yusuf Ali; NTU principal research fellow Dr Huang Yingying

LKC Medicine

- Metablic Disorders
- Infesction & Immunity
- Neuroscience & Mental
- Health Dermatology & Skin Biology

A unique biomarker to detect tumour cells and treat the disease at the same time​


- Structural Biology
- Infectious Disease
- Cell Biology
- Immunology
- Chemical Biology


- Microbial Communities & Biofilms
- Environmental & Host Microbiomes
- Environmental Engineering & Sustainability



- Structural Biology
- Chromosome Biology & Health


- Chemical Engineering
- Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology
- Translational Healthcare and Biomedical Technology
- Food Science and Technology


- Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
- Mathematical sciences
- Physics and Applied Physics

Research Capabilities

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NIMBELS relies on the expertise, capabilities and facilities of its entities (LKCMedicine, SBS, SCELSE, NISB, SPMS and SCBE) to foster strong synergistic links.