About us

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Nanyang Biologics-NTU Joint Laboratory sponsors the research at NTU for Drug Discovery and Therapeutics from tropical medicinal plants. Many of these plants are found in the NTU Community Herb Garden.

Started in 2019, the collaboration draws from a collection of around 300 herbs and medicinal plants in the NTU Community Herb Garden that have been traditionally used by Southeast Asia’s indigenous populations to treat different diseases.

The research lab aims to identify and develop natural compounds as drug candidates for the treatment of diseases such as cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. The immediate early outcome is nutraceuticals from tropical herbs and medicinal plants. In the longer term, our goal is to build a drug discovery pipeline.

Our research is supported by a system we are developing to streamline and fast-track drug discovery process by integrating biomedical science methodologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Research Focus

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The Nanyang Biologics-NTU Joint Laboratory for Drug Discovery and Therapeutics focusses on 4 key areas of research to develop preventive, adjuvant and therapeutic options for cancers, as well as metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases to bring profound healthcare benefits to Singapore and the world’s ageing population.